Testimonials from our LCE families

Questions: What were you looking for in a Kindergarten program? Why did you choose LCE? What do you, or your child, love about our school?

"We were looking for a school with small class size so my daughter could get one-on-one attention if she needed it. We wanted a school with a community feeling where parents felt welcome. We also wanted a place where we could help out. We chose LCE because it fit all of our criteria. We love the caring staff and how each staff member knows our child. Our daughter loves her teacher!"
-- Stephanie Q.

"This is our third child at LCE. We wanted small class sizes so the teacher could work more one-on-one with our child. We didn't want our son in a class of 30 kids. We chose LCE because it's a good school, has good teachers, and a Title I program for kids that need it. The curriculum is also better than the public schools. My child loves specials, especially Gym!"
-- Amber K.

"We were looking for a school that had high ratings in the area and Lorain Community had some of the best ratings. We chose this school because of the ratings and small class sizes where more attention can be given to students. We love that the teachers give kids the attention that they need. My nephew loves the reading program, Recess, and Gym."
-- Adam B.

"I was looking for a school that had a strong academic program, a convenient location, and somewhere that I felt comfortable teaching both of my children. I chose LCE because of the history I have with the school; it's always been a positive and productive environment. I love the constant communication with school staff. They can let me know what's happening at school and I can let them know what's happening at home. We tag-team for the kids. My daughter loves everything about this school, especially her teacher!"
-- Shatela E.