About Us

Lorain Community Elementary is part of the Constellation Schools family, where we focus on academic excellence for our students, promote good character, and ensure small class sizes. Our school prepares students to become successful, well rounded, life-long learners. An education at Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary is based on the Common Core and Educational Standards of the State of Ohio. Our students are taught by highly-qualified, state-licensed teachers within technology-rich classrooms supported by up-to-date curriculum; including textbooks, online and supplemental materials.

At Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary your children will be well cared for as we help them grow academically and socially. Our dedicated staff challenges our students and encourages them to do the best they can while promoting high expectations and good character as they guide them to success.

We truly believe in the motto that it takes a village to raise a child and that’s why open, on-going communication is so critical. We offer parents a real opportunity to be involved in the education of their child by creating a learning community where teachers, parents, and students work together to ensure academic success for all students.

All Constellation Schools are public schools with no tuition. We are privately run, proud leaders of Ohio’s charter schools, offering a choice in education for thousands of Ohio’s families. We offer free breakfast and lunch to all students, provide after school tutoring, and our 4th grade students are eligible to participate in our distinguished Band program. Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary has partnered with Horizon Education Centers to provide families with an on-site aftercare option for a minimal cost.

Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary, located at 1110 West 4th Street in Lorain, Ohio, is a charter school that has been in existence since the 2001-2002 school year. Since that time Lorain Community Elementary has grown by leaps and bounds. Thanks to parents making the choice to enrich and further their child’s education, we currently have students attending our school in grades Kindergarten through Fourth. To maintain and continue to provide a quality education we have small class sizes, typically no more than 24 students per class with only two classes per grade level. This means that every child is given more attention and we have a greater ability to meet each student’s needs.

The goal of Lorain Community Elementary is to ensure that every student reaches and surpasses their potential for learning every day and to provide a variety of ways of allowing students to do so. We believe that with dedication of the school staff, parents, and students, this is truly possible. Lorain Community Elementary (LCE) adheres to the Ohio Academic Content Standards and monitors student progress through the use of State Diagnostic Testing, Ohio Proficiency and Achievement tests, and other district advised assessments. The principal of LCE encourages teachers to choose lessons, which target the appropriate Academic Content Standard and assesses teachers through frequent evaluations and reviews of lesson plans.

Lorain Community Elementary expects their teachers to be well researched and up to date with methods for teaching all subject areas, with a focus on Literacy and Math. Teachers use a variety of literature, which is well matched to individual students and provide many strategies for learning and developing reading skills. All classrooms incorporate the appropriate areas of Literacy lnstruction set forth by the National Reading Panel, which include Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. Teachers work with small groups of children while providing meaningful literacy experiences to all students.

A comprehensive Math program is used throughout the grade levels and is designed to build upon students' prior understanding of all math concepts. Students use verbal and written skills, true-to-life problem solving situations, and classroom manipulatives in their studies to ensure a true understanding of the necessary math skills. Math is also taught in a variety of ways in which to target students' visual, logistic, and abstract understanding of numbers and number concepts.

Furthermore, support services, such as Special Education and Title I, are utilized in every classroom to ensure that each child is being taught in a manner that meets his or her needs. These services are also provided through the use of classroom assistants, which can work closely with a child individually or in small groups, using guidelines provided by the classroom teacher. The integration of other subject areas such as Science, Social Studies, Health, Language Arts and Writing is imperative to LCE's educational plan. A project centered classroom allows for such integration, as students are provided experiences to demonstrate what they have learned through creative assignments. This is further enhanced by the use of Technology, which includes the students' use of Smart boards, 1:1 laptops for students in grades 2-4, desktop computers, educational software, Internet, and other media sources in the classroom. Students are also provided Music, Physical Education, and Art experiences both in the classroom and as weekly specials and this is highlighted through a variety of activities throughout the school year.

Character Education
Character Education at LCE is integrated into every aspect of the school day and all extra activities. Sometimes Character Education is taught with separate activities, but the most effective way to weave good character into the students is to infuse Character Education into the daily routine and general curriculum. At LCE we accomplish this in many ways:

  • "Second Step; violence prevention program:" uses hypothetical life situations to provide children a chance to think and decide how they would react.

  • Character Education related activities: includes both stand alone activities and the integration of Character Education into Literature, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

  • A positive discipline policy: avoids competition between students and power struggles between staff and students and focuses on choices and consequences, positive or negative.

  • Recognition of students who demonstrate positive character traits: through classroom awards, school display of "Wall of Fame," and trophies.

  • The use of Character Education related language including the most relevant traits: Responsibility, Respect. Citizenship, Compassion, Trustworthiness, and Fairness.

  • Social Skills group meetings provided by support staff and classroom teachers.

  • Classroom meetings and discussions.

  • Daily interactions with and modeling by teachers.

  • Individual behavior interventions to promote acceptable social interactions.


All Constellation Schools are public schools with no tuition. They are privately run, proud leaders of Ohio’s charter schools, offering a choice in education for thousands of Ohio’s families.